Original Pure Parad / Mercury Shivling


  • Original Mercury Shivling (1.5 cm)
  • We Make Parad Shivling using natural available resources
  • It is considered that it leads to prosperity, positive strength. Also a person is relieved of physical ,spiritual, psychological disorders


Parad Linga also is called as Rasalingam, Padarasa linga, Mercury shivlingam.

During their life span the one who does worship of Paras Shiva or wear a Rasa Mani/ rasamani or Beads made from Parad get respect, admiration, name and fame, knowledge, happiness, peace & prosperity. It is also used many tantric activities, vidhis and pujas. Mercury has liquid properties which needs proper solidification process to be followed with specific ingredients and timings.

Additional information

Additional information


1.5 CM, 2 CM

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