Gemstone Therapy

Human aura consists of various colors and any imbalance of these colours upsets the body’s energy balance leading to illness. Gemstone Therapy helps restore the original balance.

Gemstone Egg Therapy

The egg shaped gems devised by man is used in crystal healing. Whether natural or fabricated, the egg has the same properties. The egg is generally used for aura reading, reflexology, zone therapy, acupressure and shiatsu.

Due to its egg shape it is the perfect tool for meditations. Hold the egg between the thumb and fingers, the small end pointing forward. While scanning auras you should be able to feel warm and cold places. Remember cold places point to blockages and warm places indicate to clear areas.

Use the egg to relieve the blockages. If you have sore areas on the body use the egg to massage your skin for relief. Always move the egg in a downward motion the object of drawing pain out either through your hands and feet or through the chakras. Then cleanses the chakras comprehensively.


How to choose the right stone?

Rose quartz I one of the most popular crystal eggs as it emits a calming, soothing effect. It acts as a renewing energy for the physical and emotional traits of the bodies. Perhaps many are not aware putting a piece of rose quartz on your computer stops the computer’s electromagnetic field from interfering with your energy fields. Surprised? It is true!

Try this therapy to. Put the gemstone on your work desk, it will ward off negative energies that interfere with your life. All gemstone eggs have similar properties and bring positive energies into your life. Just us which Gem stone to use.

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