Crystal Ball Reading

A crystal ball reading is a unique form of psychic reading where a show stone is used for revealing your future. Its an enriching experience that brings you awareness of your past, present and future.

What's a crystal ball?

It is a Special Energized crystal which helps people in the performing clairvoyance. This is sometimes known as a shew stone. Water either in a vessel or on ground, used for this purpose, is called scrying pool. The Crystal Ball usually are made up of Quartz Crystal and some times in different Gem Stone also. They are come times clear and transparent, but most of the times they are opaque and look like a separate world inside the Ball. These are Highly energized and Only the Ball Reader will have the access to the Crystal Ball.

The process of viewing is called scrying. In this process images are said to be seen in crystals, or water, and are interpreted. This information is the key to make important decisions in one’s life be it love, marriage, financial issues, business, etc.

The learned say that they do not see images in reality in the crystal, it only facilitates them to see future and how best it can be utilized to one’s advantage.


How does it work?

When you ask a question it is best to state the question loudly may be a couple of times to the ball all the while holding it in your hand, and revolving it all the time. When you see an image, allow your mind tell understand what the image is and then guess what that image can mean in your life. A tree can mean family relationships, development of a new relationship. It may also mean a necessity to develop family ties and settle family issues. Business entities can get clarity on their current Business status and the development and other activities.

The Angels give guidance to any question asked for, taking the guidelines and following it or not is up to the receiver. It is said that You will not Get an Opportunity so easily to Get reach to a Crystal Ball reader and If you have reached sure there will be a Change as there would be a Message waiting for.