Online Crystal Readings

The online crystal ball reading helps you to find answers of your problems. The forecasts depends on the clarity of your question.

How does Online Crystal Readings work?

With the advent of long distance communication services it has become easy to get online spiritual guidance However a questioner’s intention determines the response he receives. Remember lower energies will give lower vibrations.

Asking inappropriate and hypothetical questions originate due insecurity, deceit, manipulation and fear. Consequently, you will receive negative replies Surely, one does not wish to live in this kind energy or attract this energy that negates the purpose of asking questions.

Asking forthright and with conviction like, say Can I get true love into my life? It is clear that questions pertaining to one’s own life will get suitable answers.

Never repeat the same question already addressed, although anything related to the question is acceptable and time saving. Asking the same question repeatedly indicates a person’s obsessive character. Avoid it. Obviously, low level energies will bring inaccurate and vague answers.


Avoid hypothetical questions. Be direct. Guides online offer solutions to your issues but do not make off hand statements about you. That is not their area. They understand you are describing a perfect path having a lot of experience. God will offer you gentle and spiritual guidance to bring you positive energy into you.

Hence, when you ask a question to the crystal ball, never ask the oracle inappropriate questions like what you should do, what you must not? Etc. You can query what guidance you could receive to a particular issue, and in what way it will benefit you?

Now, the question is do online oracles work? Yes, they do? Oracles and divination are mediums to receive messages/answers from your guides. Today, one can receive spiritual guidance through internet and updated long distance technology. Hence, if you believe and have good intentions in a positive state of mind, open to listening and reasoning, crystal ball can give you answers to all your queries.