Crystal Therapy

An ancient art form which aims to reach a certain state of deep relaxation, emotional stress release, balancing the physical body etc. through use of individual crystals.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals and minerals of different types are put in a fully dressed person to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain, and promote energy balance within the body The treatment takes roughly an hour. The crystals can be used singly or in a lot. They are placed on pain areas, acupuncture points or meridians, or on chakras.

It is believed that it is no miracle, but simply unexplored laws of Physics. Crystals have the power to keep together and emit energy signals. Crystals affect our electro-magnetic energy fields which surround and seep into our body.


Crystals absorb and diffuse our energy fields to enable a diseased part or out of balance body to find it’s normal energetic rhythm once again. Suitable crystals can be placed on the seven main chakras, which look like different coloured spinning wheels. These link the energy fields of our aura with our emotions, glands, organs, body parts and circulatory flows. This is why wearing certain crystals such as yellow citrine may uplift you to a higher medium.

A person can wear appropriate stone for healing such as a bracelet, necklace or pendant. Healing may take some time since the crystal is only in contact with one small area of the person’s body. To protect ourselves from unfavorable psychic energies crystals such as turquoise, labradorite or iolite can be worn over the chest. An individual may put the suitable crystal stones or layouts on a photo or painting for certain period. Suitable stone can help to reduce heartache, calm down mind and help get sleep.