Aura Reading

The aura is your energy identity; a swirling mass of colours it represents you on the mental, physical and emotional level. This aura that makes up one’s feelings and emotions helps read what a person is experiencing.

What is Aura Reading?

Generally adults cannot see auras without much effort and mental exercise. But children from birth are able to see auras. By two years of age, most children try to communicate their parents which they do not understand what this child wants to say.

To become an accurate aura reader, you need to see, know and interpret all 7 layers of the aura. Aura colors can be used in many ways for the benefit of mankind. One interesting application of this knowledge is in dating, especially in senior dating. Seniors are not very familiar with the Internet and due to this they may not be able to describe their personality details, likes and dislikes.


Aura is used to describe the luminous energy that surrounds all matter – both living and non living. The aura of human beings can be seen as various colored outlines of the head or the whole body. Some people can see these auras as clearly as we see other objects. Some scholars presume it as an emotion or mood. Aura colors talk about health, thoughts, psychological, spiritual etc.

Aura readers have a gift to tune in to your energy field and see the aura you project. They are able to see the emotional state at a given point of time. There are many aspects of the spiritual side that have been analyzed thoroughly by scientists to help mankind. The impact of meditation on the human brain is a pointer. Meditation is a common tool that improves the spiritually the quality of life.