Hanuman Gadha Sphatika Gadha


 Sphatik Hanuman Gada
Size : 1 inch to 1.5 inches
Energy Pours inside when you look into Gatha.
Spatika Gatha made of Pure Spatika, Crystal Quartz Crystal.
Super Powerful Lord Hanuman holds his complete power in this Powerhouse of Power Gatha.
Breath is the very life in beings, and power is what we need to Live; Power in any form is a Must to keep everything alive.
When you feel power of any kind is going less within you or Need some Potential Power hold this Gatha; get the strength; the power of the sun holds all the planets, so the power of the gatha holds power of all Kinds.
Chant the Name you wish holding this Gatha; The Crystal Quartz Vishnu Gatha, Hanuman Gatha or the Bhim Gatha/ Bheem Gatha Absorbs the chant vibration and shower as power when you require it.
You can hold it in your Palm and carry with you wherever you travel.
This will Trash all the obstacles and negatives in your path and will make way for Fearless Life
Gain Confidence with Hanuman Gadha

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Gada or the mace is lord vishnu’s weapon as mentioned in the religious text of our country. It looks like a tapering rod topped with a round ball and is wielded by lord vishnu, the creator of the world according to indian scriptures.

This mace has another name called the “kaumodaki”, depicting the power of the lord.   There is a divine legend that gada was a ferocious demon who was both a terror and was also known for his charitable nature. Once, to put an end to his vile ways, a disguised lord vishnu requested gada to lend him his own bones which he did promptly and thus putting an end to the demon’s tortures.

Thus the weapon became one of god’s symbol and the term ‘gada” came into existence, for the mace, representing the lord’s divine strength. https://youtu.be/euuli7Uh87w