Certified Natural Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


  • Gorgeous traditional lapis lazuli, a truly magical stone
  • Deep ultramarine “lapis lazuli” blue, with gold and white specks
  • Perfect minimalist design, lapis lazuli all around with no knot
  • Strung on 2-3 durable clear, elastic strands, long-wearing
  • Genuine & natural lapis lazuli beads


Lapis Lazuli is a truly magical stone; with its enchanting ultramarine blue, specks of gold (pyrite), and occasional white calcite streaks, Lapis Lazuli has a long history of use for many purposes. In the past, Lapis Lazuli used to be ground into a powder dye for ultramarine, one of the most luxurious blue pigment. Lapis Lazuli is not a single mineral, instead, it is a rock; it is comprised of many different parts including blue lazurite, golden pyrite speckles, and occasional white calcite streaks. Lapis is an absolute wonder stone!

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