Certified Natural Amethyst Bracelet


Amethyst Bracelet 8mm Elastic Bracelet – A grade amethyst jewelry – healing crystals and stones – Amethyst crystal bracelet – amethyst stone



Amethyst: is a natural stress reliever that also encourages inner strength, spirituality and intuition. It attracts positive energy while ridding the body or your home of negative energy. Promotes sobriety, helps break addictions; encourages spiritual awakening and peace; transformation and meditation; calms, balances, and clears aura.
• Spiritual insight
• Promotes a sense of good judgment
• Provokes honesty
• Encourages a quiet and calm mind
• Aids in meditation to find deep inner peace
• Comfort at times of loss or grief
• aids sleep, dreaming, inspiration and intuition
• Helps balance the brow chakra

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