Natural Narmada Banalinga


  • Also known as Narmadeshwar Shivling, Shiva Pindi, Banalinga, Sacred Narmada Banalingas, Dhyanalinga, Mukhalingam
  • Made using Narmada river stone.
  • Shivling has mysterious super power in it that induces focus and concentration of the mind and help in focusing the attention.
  • Lord Shiva lingam Narmada River Stone also knows Narmadeshwar Shivling
  • Pindi Size : 1 inch to 10 inch. Made in India.


Narmadeshwar Shivling is found in the river of Narmada which is present Madhya Pradesh, India. This shivling is considering to be the most sacred and effective in terms of keeping away all the evil effects from life. Moreover, it is also believe that the Lord Shiva showering his blessing on all those who owned this shivlingam. Couples are suggested to keep this Shiv ling or also called Ban ling in home to get Lord Shiva blessings. The available sizes of this Narmedswar Shivling are from 1 inch onwards upto 20 + inches.

Additional information

Additional information


2 – 3 CM, 3 – 6 CM, 6 – 8 CM, 8 – 10 CM

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