Rudraksha Mala


  • Suitable for all Rashis…Rudr.aksh Mala has 108+1 beads
  • The rudraksha beads are five faced rudrakshas. These are straight to use for japa and wearing.
  • It is highly recommended for those preparing for competitive exam.
  • It gives wisdom, learning and knowledge
  • The size of the malas we can supply from 3mm  onwards upto 11mm. We also can supply Bigger size rudrakshas
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5 mukhi Rudraksha mala Small Beads- A Rudraksha with five faces represents Lord Shiva/ Rudra himself. Its name is Kalagni. It is said that it bestows all sorts of salvation & achievement of desired objects. It is said that it also monitors blood pressure & is also used for Japa. Rudraksha mala is said to have many healing properties. Rudraksha is said to be rich with shakti and calms the kundalini, thus making it easier to rise. Rudraksha is said to open the heart chakra. They are good for meditation and protection. Legend says that Siva awoke after a thousand years of meditation and began to shed tears of worldly compassion. These tears crystallized into seeds and there grew the first Rudraksha tree.